Thursday, December 3, 2015

Learn the difference!!

Our stylist are always reading up online to find the best way to educate their clients on their hair! Today they have found this amazing read about why box dye is actually the worst!!! The link to the post will be at the end!

Here is a quick read from the blog post;

"Knowledge is power, so let’s break down exactly how box dyes work versus professional dyes.

Professional Dye: Deposits color molecules on the inside of the hair cuticle where the natural melanin lives. These molecules are larger and more numerous than your natural melanin, so they end up taking over and becoming the dominant color.
Box Dye: Stains the proteins in the cortex, changing their chemical makeup. Since hair is about 90% protein, this means that your hair is basically no longer your hair. It has now been physically changed. That caterpillar is now a ratchet-a*s butterfly."

This blog post is very educational and explains the science behind why going to your stylist for your root touch up or total color change is defiantly the way to go! Book a consultation with one of our talent stylist if you are thinking of changing things up! Just like the blog says, please avoid the box color aisle!!


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